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January 21, 2009

Quick speculation: gold up, bonds down, gig up…

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+ Sheila Blair was on TV today apparently being less than honest. Seems like misleading comments like this tend to be rapidly embarrassing lately.
+ Mr. Obama mentioned he would like a bit more transparency. A LOT of people probably have A LOT to hide. Might they be reducing their activities?
+ 30 year bonds are down 2.5% and look like they are about to fall off a cliff.
– When politically entrenched things look like they will crash, they rarely do. Price would just bounce along forever. But lately things are going down — as if the price is not supported by the temporary false demand (or supply in the apparent cases of precious metals).
+ MRCI has an interesting correlation chart of the USD in the subscriber area. There is a 89% correlation to 1973 USD where it went down quite a bit quickly.

“Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!
“Maybe prosperity, doesn’t come from debt.
“Maybe prosperity … perhaps … means a little bit more!” 

I assume it would be hard for the Dollar Index to go down a lot since of 57% of it is the inverse Euro. It does not appear to me the Euro is going to crash up soon. Maybe while the Dollar Index keeps dancing with the Euro the pressure flows somewhere else. Like precious metals go up and bonds go down?

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