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May 5, 2010

Null Physics and reality (update 1, Sep 11)

Filed under: Editorials — Jeff Fitzmyers @ 3:49 pm

I like the cosmology of Null Physics. Don’t know if it is correct, but sure is simple and clean. It starts off rather well: In the beginning there was nothing. Hard to argue with that! Then the nothing separated into lots of nothings — which is still a whole lot of nothing. Then one of the nothings were removed, now there is something! Leading to the idea that our reality is ~”incomplete nothingness”. It all zero sums out (conservation of energy holds). Highly recommended to anyone with an interest in science and how come there is a universe!

It also seems to dovetail with Stephan Wolfram’s New Kind Of Science where things start out very simply.

September 11: What if our universe is a sandbox in a universe that uses different physics?? This universe seems to be predicated with the belief that we can be separate from source depending on many variables. This manifests as iterations of connected / not connected, duality, death, win-lose, etc. Transcending separation from source seems incompatible with this universe, yet people like Eckhart Tolle reportedly do it all the time.

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