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December 8, 2010

Bonds: The Death Of The Dollar (1)

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Bonds are what backs up FRN’s and they are looking to go down more.
– Price took out Dec 7ths low. That “should” not have happened. And since it did, it’s very price negative.
– Volume is up on down days and not up on up days.
– The 34 EMA is about to cross under the 200 EMA,a nd price is below both.
– The fed (not federal nor a reserve) is printing money all over the place, and lying about it in interviews (as exposed by comedians!).
+ The daily and weekly CCI is quite oversold.
– The monthly CCI is declining.

From Xiphose_Trading:

Some big bond houses we feel will really be on the ropes after today. News will follow… Market is talking to everyone. Message is loud and clear… Bonds continue to nosedive lower. Lots of long liquidation – probably lots of forced liquidation today… ZB took out the low from yesterday and the overnight lows… pathetic… TLT and ZB just cannot get off the mat. The longer it doesn’t bounce the less confidence longs have that it will bounce.

Bonds are at the edge of the cliff. They are quite oversold and 99% of the time will have at least a dead cat bounce. If they don’t, look out below for real. It seems easy to push around the little markets like silver. Bonds are a whole different story AND there are MASSIVE amounts of OTC debt derivatives.

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