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December 27, 2010

Response to WSJ’s silver article

Filed under: Editorials — Tags: , , , — Jeff Fitzmyers @ 12:04 pm

Hi, Thanks for writing about silver.

Could you please substantiate “…Prices are rising despite oversupply…” What oversupply? Do you mean the documented massive amount of NAKED shorting by the banksters?

No mention of the CFTC, position limits, and ongoing investigations???

No mention of the fact that there is about 5 times more gold above ground than silver, yet gold has a price of 50 times that of silver? Couple that with the nice fact that was mentioned, “… there are fewer years of U.S. silver production left in the ground than any other precious metal including gold.” That is a stunning disconnect.

Please don’t keep publishing disinfo like “silver is in a bubble”. Defining a bubble is easy as pointed out in 1841 by Charles MacKay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. It’s not a bubble until almost everyone is talking about it.

Please confirm the statement that “[ETF’s] backed with silver…” After reading SLV’s prospectus, many don’t believe it and that is apparently driving competing ETF’s like PSLV which also trade at a premium to SLV.

Happy holidays, Jeff

Addendum: Richard Russell – We Will Have an Upside Explosion in Gold Seems like this is a response too.

… great primary bull market is an expression of something changing in a very fundamental and meaningful way. Following a great bull market, the world is never quite the same.

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