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January 22, 2011

Does trading’s vernacular promote excellent trading?

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“I was killing it today!”
“My account blew up!”
“Bonds got hammered!”
Execute that trade!”
“The market got slammed!”
“I got killed!”

Your unconscious hears, believes, accepts and brings forth whatever you program, so far as reality will allow. Prophecies you expect and invest in repeatedly today have a funny way of coming true in the near future. Be sure they are the ones you truly want… The best success imaginable is making [your] unconscious [your] very best ally.

Dr Friedman’s 4 cardinal principles in working with the unconscious adapted from Excellent Self-Programming with the Unconscious:

“I make excellent trading decisions.” Your unconscious says: “I can only say yes.”
“My trading account grows consistently.” “I hear you”.
“Being open to noticing what the markets have to say keeps my account safe.” Your unconscious says: “Work with me and I will work magnificently for you.”
“I was dumb not to change the stop… cancel. The truth is, except for rare mistakes I learn from, I am very good at managing stops. Your unconscious says: “Say “cancel and erase” repeatedly when junk gets programmed; then do an immediate rewrite using “The truth is. . . ” with what you do want to program.”

Hmmm… Examples just don’t come to mind 🙂

My experience is complete projection of any and all unconscious baggage onto my trading activities. Even though I knew how to trade, I did not make money until enough of my unconscious gack was made conscious and let go. I pay attention to linguistics. Even when looking at posts that are only a week old, I can see where my thinking is in the “unworkable” area and then change it. That’s a big reason I put effort into this blog.

References: Psychology — the supreme key

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