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January 31, 2011

Track record of posted and closed trades (updated May 31-ish)

Filed under: Systems — Jeff Fitzmyers @ 6:46 pm

May (to the 15th)
+ Got my psychology cleaned up and am doing well.
+ Best trade was shorting coffee…
– But not really in sync. Need to take profits faster in a choppy environment.

– I deluded myself with silver greed. Paying attention to illusions does not produce gains in anything but experience-the-hard-way.

+ Started out well.
– Later got too attached to making big money in SLW which produced poor trading. I have readjusted my psychology.

+ Due to significantly increasing position size of SLW calls, the account has grown a lot.
– At one point I was under the weather, but kept trading for a few days. This produced long lasting losses. At least I had the discipline to only trade very small positions so losses were small in nominal terms, but not in percent terms.
– Excluding the complete folly of the short FXY put, the stats would show short puts averaging +68% and an overall average of +20%.

+ Usually did a good job with cutting losses short and taking profits too soon.
– Started shorting too early. Better to short stocks, not use puts. Even then, poor candidate selection. In fact, just don’t short until the EMA’s start falling.

Closed trades up to May 31 2011 look like:


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