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February 5, 2011

Outlook for February’s 2nd week (fixed)

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James Turk summery: Anyway you look at it, last week was a very positive one for the precious metals. The big news is the upside breakout above 3.5% in the yield of 10-year T-notes. With rising commodity prices across the board, people around the world are increasingly recognizing that inflation is getting worse. Higher T-note and T-bond yields are just more evidence.

Xiphose Tradings take on bonds and USD: Way I see it; it’s kind of simple. Time to get back some of that tax monies paid. 😛

Even if pullbacks happen, they should be temporary. Long silver, gold, grains, hydrocarbons, stocks; short debt.

Raymond Merriman: There is just no stopping this “Asset Inflation Express” in stocks. As stated so many times in this column over the past year, as well as both the Forecast 2010 and 2011 books, the Jupiter and Uranus transit into Aries is likely to bullish for stocks into the middle of this year… But now the geocosmic picture begins to change… The implication is that a correction will begin, or at least the market will likely pause in its upswing during this period.

A) + The inverted Put Call Ratio is neutral.
B) ± The daily Summation ratio ratio is rising again and overbought, like usual.
C) + The weekly Summation ratio is rising again.
D) + The NYSE Bullish percent is rising again.


Bonds, debt, on pullbacks. If I must short, it won’t be individual stocks, just the S&P 500.

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