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February 21, 2011

The pendulum seems to be swinging with alacrity from made up things to real things.

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A friend just pointed this out to me: From

I assume the pendulum is now going to swing hugely as it corrects all the malinvestment. We don’t have an efficient tax, regulation and representation system. Too much is based on fait fractional “reserve” debt seemingly powered by crooks and ignorance.

I really hope the new system is cannibalizes the old one as things change. Otherwise:
Ticker guy, “It’s not going to be pretty, and I hope Americans are ready for it.
– Turd Fergusen, “The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us and it is coming faster than you think. You should be “preparing accordingly” right now.”

+ Preparing for open ended events…
+ Go long grub. Mountain House not directly selling #10 cans due to demand
+ When will it all finally blow up?


  1. Have you looked at silver lease rates today? According to Kitco the longer term 12 month rate has dipped below the 3-9 month rates. At least, that’s what it looks like on the chart. I don’t know where the raw data is for this chart.

    Comment by silverflaunt — February 22, 2011 @ 7:52 am

  2. Found this other chart showing actual lease rate numbers… Not sure what to make of the other chart that shows the 12 month dipping down.

    Comment by silverflaunt — February 22, 2011 @ 8:47 am

  3. I don’t keep track of Kitco lease rates because I don’t really trust them and it appears that they have incorrect data sometimes. You identified a good example.

    Comment by Jeff — February 22, 2011 @ 9:39 am

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