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February 27, 2011

Further confirmation the trend is up for precious metals

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From The Ticker Guy’s excellent and broad example on parenting:

[Politicians] claim that a spending bill cutting $61 billion is “draconian.” That $61 billion cut is about 1.5% of the budget. If you have a pile of 100 pennies, this is roughly equivalent to taking one away and cutting a second in half. The rest of the pile remains. This is “draconian”? 42 cents of every dollar is currently borrowed.

Even though the federal gov is flat broke, it makes a big fuss about a VERY slight reduction in it’s budget. This is a normal event viewed from the Kondratieff Wave is a 50-60 year cycle of Prosperity, Recession, Depression, Improvement. When resources are perceived as abundant, systems don’t have to be very efficient to get the job done. People allow a lot of stuff to slip through the cracks — “why spoil the party?” That changes 180° when resources are perceived as scarce and need to be used efficiently for prosperity. That’s when things with intrinsic and lasting value get a culture’s focus, not stuff that’s being made with abandon.

SilverSurfer: Note that while 8+ countries are protesting and experiencing civil revolutions, there was no fleeing into the US dollar for safety – THIS IS A FIRST!

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