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March 10, 2011

Play it safe, Silver American Eagles and 90% silver pre 1965 coins.

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Although I don’t subscribe to some of Mr. Weir’s theories, I very much agree with most of his latest post. Please consider it for all you silver “insurance money” (as compared to other reasons like beauty appreciation, etc.):

Caveat Emptor: Fake Silver and Gold May Destroy Markets Bix Weir: Pretty soon the QUALITY and PURITY of ALL forms of gold and silver will be called into question and this will turn the markets upside down overnight. Everyone will be afraid of what they hold and will scramble to have their metal tested or sold. Those who have tainted gold and silver will try to throw it back into the market for any price and those who have the real stuff will hold on tighter than ever before.

Almost anyone can afford some 90% silver dimes. If you can’t get nickels. They are currently worth 6.7 cents. If you can’t afford that get 1909-1982 ‘pennies’ that are currently worth 2.77 cents. JP Morgan recently bought a lot of copper.

Mr. Fergusen put this well.

QE will never end. It can’t. The fed is now 70% of the treasury market. If they leave, who will buy? With no buyers, how can the u.s. government raise the funds to cover it’s $1,500,000,000,000 deficit for this year? Where will it get the funds to cover the $1,500,000,000,000 deficit for next year? And don’t tell me how rates will rise and attract buyers. That’s complete b.s.!! Rates can’t go up. Higher rates only accelerate the death of the ponzi! QE is not ending. Ever!!

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