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March 15, 2011

Silver, bonds, USD update for March 15…

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Not really interested in markets much right now…

The 2008 and 2011 correlation is no more.

The main thing noted in the 2011 backwardation is the 12 month is not following the other months up. One could speculate that near term demand has been supplied, but not over all demand. (???)

COMEX is about the same.

Bonds are not acting like a safe haven.

Nor is the dollar index. And if price is trading below all the major yearly trendlines, it can go a lot lower.

Here is something that is going up a lot more in price than almost anything today: Iodine pills on eBay. From $20 to $520 $610 for 28 doses. There are other sources. Yesterday, a person could have bought 5 kg’s — 11,000 doses — for less.

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