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March 18, 2011

Silver backwardation update – March 18 – about the same

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Zero Hedge: According to several sources the Fed spent 50 million in USDJPY purchases. Alas that will not be enough. And with the USDJPY continuing to leak lower… already cost the ECB at least $5 billion… Perhaps it is time to ask why Japan (and the central banking cartel) has spent almost half a trillion dollars to preserve capital markets instead of giving that money to the millions of earthquake disaster victims…

King World News interviewed Rick Rule: Dollar demand for silver is outpacing dollar demand for gold. I keep hearing that there could be problems in near term futures delivery, that is more metals stood for physical delivery than the market has the ability to produce. Certainly the events of the last 90 or 120 days in terms of physical metal being withdrawn from the market has impacted the ability of mints like the Royal Canadian Mint and the US Mint to buy silver strip or coin stock. So you’re seeing the inability of dealers to get as much silver coin or silver bar as buyers have demanded.

Still wondering if the 12 month SIFO is going to take another dive…

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