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April 16, 2011

Richard Maybury suggesting the transition to an optimistic world could be fast, cites Ray Kurzweil

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Mr. Maybury has a long track record of being basically correct in amplitude and timing so I am glad to see him mention Ray Kurzweil in an economic context. For a few months now I have entertained the idea that the new system is growing faster than the old one can blow up. This is supportive of that hypothesis.

People who are power-seekers want more power, and they’ll sacrifice other things in order to get that power. One of the things power-seekers in a large government almost always sacrifice is the financial integrity of the country. They will simply bleed the whole economy dry in order to increase their power. That’s a main reason empires fall… If you look at any previous empires I write about all the time – the French Empire, the British Empire, the Russian Empire – these countries are all much better places today than they were when they had empires. America will be too…

… Typically, in every empire, it all continues until one day somebody looks at the books and says, “Gee, we’re broke. We can’t do this anymore.” That’s when it all starts to come apart. One of my favorite stories is about William Gladstone – the Prime Minister of England in the mid-1800s – and that’s essentially what he did. He just said, “Look, we’re going broke trying to prop up this empire. This is ridiculous.” He started dismantling the British government’s power. He probably made more progress in abolishing political power than any other lone individual in history. It’s an amazing story. Gladstone is one of the few peaceful examples of how all empires go down. They eventually realize they can’t play the game anymore. They realize they’ve exhausted their resources… They’ve bled the population dry…

… My best guess is we’re in the process of going under now. That’s the economic trouble the average American is noticing… the unemployment, the business failures, the financial crash, the real estate collapse… plus the mental and emotional strain – the psychological depression, marital problems, divorces. It’s the process of the empire going under. The economic problems are symptoms of the manipulation of the currency, and all sorts of other economic tomfoolery, to try to keep the federal bureaucracy well fed at the expense of the rest of us…

… for the long term, I’m unimaginably optimistic… I fully expect to live a healthy life until at least 140 because I believe technological breakthroughs are coming so fast now that Ray Kurzweil is right – a healthy 140-year lifespan is plausible. And before I die I expect to see the beginning of the civilization that is depicted in the Star Trek stories… I believe the next great civilization will begin almost instantly, as soon as we get the present statist nightmare out of the way…

+ Where’s the big bust? Is the new system growing faster than the old one is crashing?
+ When will it all finally blow up?

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