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April 21, 2011

People keep associating higher metal prices with chaos. Smells like liberty and prosperity to me.

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I used to share this point of view, but now I don’t. Not including spiritual and tangental things, the single best thing for a culture is to have a hard currency or choice in currencies. Then people can actually plan ahead business wise and personal finance wise, and it shows that the culture understands the basics of economics.

Even if silver went to 100 FRN’s/oz tomorrow, that would mean almost nothing to the average person due to silver’s price inelasticity. 500 FRN’s/oz might alter things a bit. 5,000 FRN’s/oz, now were are talking. And who will have that silver? Mostly people who have a clue about economics and history, or are simply a bit wise. They will then be the ones deploying and investing capital.

I want stored value in the hands of many wise people, not a few big parasites. The sooner people manage their own stored value, the sooner the parasites will fall to a tolerable level with only a local reach. Yet the parasites constantly intone that chaos will reign a bloody fist without them to intercede. (For a small fee of course.)

The proximal reason for chaos is not high metal prices, rather resisting the rise of suppressed metal prices.

The meaning I choose to ascribe to rising metals prices is a culture awakening to sanity, responsibility, and prosperity.

This can’t be more clear — it’s on the silver money itself:

LIBERTY, as a whole person, grounded, walking toward a rising sun.

Individuals are sovereign, seeking their own fortune, their own way.

SLAVERY, as a face (facade) not tied to anything, no reference points, EXCEPT with value spelled out, supplanting natural laws.

I am sovereign and things are as I say they are.

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