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July 2, 2011

We only seem to know about 5% of anything

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Reverse signals in neurons … axons can operate in reverse: they can also send signals to the neuron cell body, too. Previously, it was thought that axons only carry signals away from neurons… It also turns out axons can talk to each other. Before sending signals in reverse, axons can perform their own neural computations without any involvement from the cell body or dendrites… “It’s very unusual to think that a neuron could fire continually without stimuli,” Spruston said. “This is something new — that a neuron can integrate information over a long time period, longer than the typical operational speed of neurons, which is milliseconds to a second.”

3 MAJOR revelations in something that has been studied for a long time???

Until recently 98.7% of DNA was termed junk DNA.

Cosmologists have been working on the “big bang” theory for over a generation yet have zero incontrovertible evidence??? After thousands of years there is no consensus on existence??? (I enjoy Null Physics: Existence is incomplete nothingness.)

…The loudest animal on earth, relative to its body size, is the tiny water boatman… The song… is produced by rubbing two body parts together, in a process called stridulation. In water boatmen the area used for stridulation is only about 50 micrometres across, roughly the width of a human hair. “We really don’t know how they make such a loud sound using such a small area,” says Dr. Windmill.

Water boatman are plentiful and can apparently be heard without special equipment. Yet it takes until 2011 to measure their song???

… the genetic and biological mechanisms underlying complex social strategies, and therefore the evolution of cooperative behavior, are largely unknown.

We are social creatures and yet we don’t know how and why?

Etc., etc. Since 95% of everything seems to be fantasy, why take stories so seriously?

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away. — Philip K. Dick

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