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August 22, 2011

Gold getting mass public attention, inflation adjusted gold chart, the tape.

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Among Jim Willie’s excellent Hat Trick Letter Issue #89 this shined the most for me (emphasis mine). The disparagement of tangible value from the MSM to sheeple seems to be faltering.

The very popular German tabloid Bild Zeitung is actively urging German people to invest in gold, as the global debt crisis continues to deteriorate and cause turmoil in global markets. The publication is Germany’s #1 selling newspaper, and the best-selling newspaper outside Japan. It has the sixth largest circulation worldwide. Bild wrote, “While the companies listed on stock exchanges have lost about $8 trillion dollars in value over the past 14 days, the price of gold climbed to a record high. While money can be printed, gold reserves are limited. To date some 150,000 tonnes of gold have been mined. Gold is better than cash. While any amount of money can be printed, Gold is limited, [thus making it] one of the safest investments in crisis times.” The mainstream European press does not usually mention gold, but the deepening crisis has prompted the coverage. The nation is acutely aware of hyper-inflation risks, unlike the United States.

This chart from Gold Nears $1,900 – Venezuela Formally Requests Gold Holdings Held By BOE Ship By Sea (hat tip SilverGoldSilver) So, inflation adjusted, gold has been sleeping for 30 years.

I was watching the tape last night in silver and gold. Paper gold demand would just chew though supply. It appeared there were standing buy stops at round numbers which is I think a standard, “buy every new 5 hourly / hourly / 30 min, etc. new high”. Silver looked suppressed and would dip a bit yet paper demand would quickly rebound the price.

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