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September 30, 2011

Avoid police brutality structurally: Consider employing contracts, NOT laws to organize societies. (update 2, Oct 21)

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October 21: Partly superceded by Design thriving societies. What works from a scientific point of view.

People seem to be interested in events between people and police on Wall street in the past week. It’s simple: Ignorant police actions have few consequences because they possess legal authority to apply force and possession is 9/10’s of ownership. “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be MASTER — that’s all.” & “Power is never granted, only taken.”

Contracts are about freedom and responsibility; laws are about force from people who like wielding force. Voting is about picking your slave MASTER. Police don’t en-force contracts, they en-force laws and so support law makers.

Contracts are much more efficient if localized. “We wanted local control.” So people contract with town or city. Then the town or city contracts with the county. Then the county contracts with the state, then the state with the federal level. Entities only contract one step above or below.

Money is managed similarly. Property tax and private property are mutually exclusive ideas. Contracted sales “fees” are gathered at the point of sale by towns, or cities or counties only. And only spent via contract locally or via contract one level up. So towns and cities contract with counties, counties contract with sates, states contract with feds. Feds can’t contract with anyone but states.

Example: In this case New York could have a contract with residents and / or visitors that would include things like:
+ We get 15% sales tax. If you are fraudy about this, 10 times the fraud amount will be forced from you within a month.
+ You get no police brutality. If you do, the officer, and any officers that did not actively stop it, will be kicked out of New York and you get $500,000. If you falsely allege brutality or attack, you will be kicked out of New York, and forfeit $50,000 or 30% of your net worth, whichever is higher.

How much police brutality would there be now? Almost none. The police’s insurance company would be helping screen and train officers, want everything on video, and probably monitor performance in real time.

+ The efficiency and prosperity manifesto…

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