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October 27, 2011

Want change? Apply action to a leverage point.

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Occupy Sacramento arrests could cost taxpayers thousands … if each of the 75 people already arrested agreed to a jury trial, that would cost at minimum $10,000 per person. The total $750,000 would be paid by taxpayers.

That’s how guerilla warfare works: leverage points. Spend $100 that causes an opponent 100 times as much to counter. That’s a nice leverage point. And since it’s lawyers, surely things will cost more 🙂 So now economically the protester has around 150 times the economic leverage.

100 occupiers arrested per night could have Sacramento city accruing a million dollars per day in liabilities. Although the costs would take a bit of time to actually start flowing, that’s a lot of costs for selectively enforcing ordinances.

According to Sacramento’s budget the city is in the hole about 50 million each of the past few years. If I have this right, just arresting 100 people for the next 10 day will make a big impact. The City would be very silly to waste the money.

People are figuring this out. I expect arrested occupiers to be offering their own plea bargains soon: “If you stop the looting and start prosecuting I will not occupy xyz. Specifically, here is a list of local people who have broken the law and not been held accountable” Feedback loops in action 🙂

Design thriving societies. What works from a scientific point of view. (update 1, Oct 27)

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