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November 9, 2011

10 sigma events, Rambus’ 30 year silver look, Jeff Clark’s new canary XOM

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Notice that labels went from volatility –> 4 sigma –> 6 sigma –> and now 10 sigma. (Presenting Today’s 10-Sigma Move In BTP-Bund Spreads) So the system is entering a parabolic blow off phase. Expect the dancing sigmas to keep increasing at the same or faster rates, or collapse back to rest a bit. When will it all finally blow up?

Rambus’ Silver long term 30 year look. Next major target is $141.

Jeff Clark: I’ve Found the Market’s Newest Timing Indicator …I’ve been following the minute-to-minute action in XOM shares for several months. The action is remarkably similar to the way shares of Merrill Lynch used to trade. If the market is rallying and shares of XOM start to pull back, sure enough, the stock market pulls back moments later. If stocks are falling and XOM begins to bounce, the market bounces, too.

So if you want to profit off the short-term direction in stock prices, pay attention to the action in XOM. It’ll give you an early clue as to where things are headed.

Interesting how the canary is a commodity stock, not a paper stock. 🙂

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