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July 28, 2012

Piers Corbyn’s 42 day old weather forecast more accurate than 12 hour traditional forecast

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So who understands the system better? Gov funded huge computer farms and computer models compared to one private person? Funny how people, who might be trading grains 😉 continue with traditional weather forecasting.

Mr. Corbyn’s post:

Piers says “We are very pleased. We made one forecast and one forecast only 42 days ahead and our call was for thundery downpours likely, based on predictable aspects of solar particle activity and lunar modulation.

The Met Office made many forecasts based on shed-fulls of computing power and deluded Co2-warmist meteorology funded by shed-loads of taxpayers money. Their last call was for dry.
The power of our physics-based Solar Lunar Action Technique was confirmed by serious thundery downpours in many places and one hit the ceremony. The failure of standard meteorology earth-centered ‘models’ in the face of WeatherAction predicted solar-driven ‘Red warnings’ is laid bare.

+ Soy verses corn Commitment of Traders
+ Apparently real weather forecasting! (up to 85% correct)

Updated Dec 2014
Check out this wonderful chart of weather models vs. observations.

Update Feb 5
GloBull Warming: It Is A SCAM
Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with flawed data on global warming

If humans make the majority of CO2 that’s magically such an issue, why is the red not concentrating over populated areas?


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