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September 23, 2012

25 prominent hedge funds position’s on gold and silver hold no surprises: No silver, 3% of positions gold related and typically small.

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Hedge Fund Wisdom just released a free 2nd quarter 2012 issue. The average fund had about 45 positions (min 9, max 152).

Most funds had no position in gold stocks. New and existing gold positions were mentioned about 26 times. Other than John Paulson who reported 28% in GLD and 9% in AU, the rest of any fund’s specific position maxed out at 3-4%, with many < 1%. GLD, which is rumored to have re-hypothicated "assets", had 6 mentions. ABX, ANV, and GDX each had 3 mentions. There were 7 mentions of closing gold positions. Roughly only 3% of overall positions were related to gold.

Silver is even better with just 3 mentions, ALL sells.

Won’t this revert to the mean someday?

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