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July 19, 2013

10 Ideas > Mail $5 to a kid

Filed under: 10 Ideas — Jeff Fitzmyers @ 8:42 am
  1. Create a thin hollow backlit plastic wall that is filled with water, different colors and densities of oil, and little motors and shunts that can be moved with a magnet on a stick from the outside.
  2. Tweet a thanks to James Altucher for the inspiring Amazon reviewer Kristine Castagnaro’s comment on Choose Yourself: “I felt like I could be extraordinary.”  (done)
  3. Make a site like this! (done)
  4. Somehow follow through on sticking a sticker on the mail box asking for no junk mail. (done, only took 2 years)
  5. Send an idea for uplifting presentation to the leader of Experience Unlimited. (done)
  6. Pool cover made of clear disks about 1 foot in diameter. They have a solar cell and small battery, inflate at night to float, and shine LED’s down. Deflate in the morning
  7. Simple blog for suggesting when to buy top IBD stocks that have just retraced after a breakout. (done, just added a backtest category to this blog)
  8. Cookies that are mainly vegetables.
  9. A very viscous gel that can easily be sculpted into 3D shapes. When a small electric charge is applied, or light, the gel hardens temporarily, or permanently.

Clear wall filled with movable fun

+ I Just Figured Out the REAL Secret to My Success…, Dr. Steve Sjuggerud

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