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July 20, 2013

10 Ideas > A simple way to title similar posts of lists.

Filed under: 10 Ideas — Jeff Fitzmyers @ 11:11 am
  1. Find a way to reproduce the feeling of love and imprint it into a blanket and clothes.
  2. Offer massages that are done by 3 people at once.
  3. A simple way to title similar posts of lists. (done, just use the shortest idea, and if themed, use that as a preface)
  4. Come up with a better way to manage this theme of 10 Ideas A Day. (done, rolled into main blog using a category)
  5. Create ideas by stringing together 4 random words and try to make sense of them.
  6. Start a line of greeting cards suggesting what famous icons at famous moments were really thinking.
  7. A site where people can enter negative phrases and the positive version is emailed back to them.
  8. GMO’s? Fine, I want to plant a seed and grow a house that’s a living tree. With owls and resident geckos. And a lap pool.
  9. I’m looking for a photo of a treehouse and don’t want to deal with copyright. I just want to use the photo and if I make money with it, the owner of the photo is automatically paid. That idea is called Castpoints. I wish it was available now! Better get back to work.

11 year old playing around:


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