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July 21, 2013

10 Ideas > Writing > Showcase peak moments

Filed under: 10 Ideas, Peak Moments — Jeff Fitzmyers @ 1:22 pm
  1. FAIL! (Dang! By the time I opened this page up, the first idea slipped my mind. Just write it down!)
  2. After a year, publish all these 10 ideas a day lists in an ebook.
  3. Publish my collection of quotes in an eBook. (really, not enough)
  4. Publish some of the art my daughter does in an eBook.
  5. Create a narrative using someone else’s work. (Where’s the compelling story? The only short compeller I have is when I network, I try to ask people right off the bat how I can help them. We are all trying to add value, right? So just be direct and ask. Neat things have happened, but not enough yet to fill a book, especially since I have not written any of them down.)
  6. Run a investment group at middle school using Dr. David Eifrig’s Retirement Trader. Recently closed about 130(?) consecutive (covered call?) trades at a profit. Who can argue with that? (Taking baby steps now.)
  7. Create a  font based on leaves. (Phew, already done)
  8. I already have a movie in my head. If I just sketch out 1 scene per day — 15 mins — I will have a rough draft in a few months. (Lets do it!)
  9. Ahh! One I really like!!! Gather peak moments. Survey people and turn that into posts and a book? (Fun way to meet people too!)
    1. Your favorite accomplishment.
    2. What makes you feel supported.
    3. The scariest thing you overcame and how you did it.
    4. A drawing or phrase  that symbolizes all this.


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