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March 18, 2014

Economic events and cosmology, specifically inflation (update 1, Mar 2014)

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In the book The Big Bang Never Happened: A Startling Refutation of the Dominant Theory of the Origin of the Universe Mr Lerner noted that the major cosmology theories seemed to be associated with dominant economic themes. I don’t have the examples handy, but recall that the “inflationary universe” addition to the broken Big Bang Theory happened near the late 70’s, etc.

The article talks about String Theory. Might some of the quotes be like what Mr. Paulson says?:

  • The title is “A Universe [bailout] Built for Us”.
  • “Although string [TARP] theory is enormously complex, requiring a total of 11 dimensions to work correctly…”
  • “… the basic equations [plan] have as many as 10^1,000 possible solutions … this means the theory [plan] could never be proved right or wrong [sucker!]. Some critics say this dooms string theory [the plan] … Others insist is is yet another clue that the multiverse is real [trust us, our plan will work].”
  • With the amount of paper money being printed up, “Eternal Chaotic Inflation” sounds right.

Update March 18, 2014
Major discovery bolsters Big Bang theory of universe
As far as I know, there is still zero evidence that directly supports the current iteration of the big bang theory. I like the Null Physics alternative. Funny thing is that the article should be about gratuity waves, yet focuses a lot more on inflation.

Suppose the dominant cosmology is just a projection of collective consciousness. If so, the linguistics of the article are lovely.

  • “This has been like looking for a needle in a haystack, but instead we found a crowbar,” said Pryke. [It’s a blunt instrument.]
  • “These results are not only a smoking gun for inflation, they also tell us when inflation took place and how powerful the process was,” Loeb said. [Big inflation is coming.]
  • the advance adds to our knowledge of one of the three key pillars of modern cosmology [life] — inflation, dark matter and dark energy. [Dark matter/energy: we don’t even know what 2/3 of reality is. But we know the other 3rd is inflation.]
  • “Without inflation we would not be here,” he said. [Can it be more blunt?]
  • Alan Guth, who proposed the idea of inflation in 1980, described the latest study as “definitely worthy of a Nobel Prize. [The articles is even tied to actual physical inflation!]
  • … evidence of this super-fast inflation the would be considered “most significant cosmological discovery in nearly two decades…” [This inflation / default will be bigger than any event of the past 2 decades.]
  • “I doubt many cosmologists [people] will get much sleep tonight.” [Foreshadowing]

The primary issue is that observed reality does not mesh with the big bang theory unless large amounts of inflation are incorporated.

An update of the above chart. Notice the percent changes are about 0 to 40%, not -20 to +20 percent.

AMC Mar 18 2014

Obviously the system is different since about 2008/2010.


The monetary base has gone up a lot, and yet, the economy in general is just kind of puttering g along. (Not taking into account overall credit, which is like money {for a while}.)
AMB_mar 18_billions

Bottom line: Serious inflation might, finally, be on deck.

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